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Tag: TaoDust

Crowdfunding in Numbers

Crowdfunding has quickly emerged as an extremely popular and profitable option for entrepreneurs to validate their ideas, gain exposure, and gain funding. Crowdfunding revenue tripled from $530 million in 2009 to $1.5 billion in 2011 and is expected to continue rapid growth in the coming

The History of Crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding is something that has deep roots in human society, in fact it has existed since the 1700 where the Irish Nationalist Jonathan Swift found in crowdfunding the way to grant loans to poor, but creditworthy, people. The “crowd” in this case

How TaoDust solves the liquidity-problem

Stock exchanges and private equity: two different universes Stock exchanges and venture capitals, the adult and the kid, the father and the son. Both are opportunities to finance companies. The first is usually referred to big companies that already have a well-organized structure, while the

How Tokens Are Changing The Fintech World

“Tokenization” is a word that we are frequently hearing these days. Especially since blockchain technology broadened the use case of whats possible. With bitcoin the token became mainstream. But is it something related only to the fintech sector? We will take a look at where

Prepare your luggage, we go to the Hong Kong RISE!

The curtain comes up, RISE Hong Kong, the most important technology event in the most important business city in Asia. Why the TaoDust Team is going there? TaoDust has been selected among the top fintech start-ups on a total of about 51.000 new born companies. It is