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Motivation, team spirit and willingness: our 2019

Alan Tonetti, our CEO, is glad to wish you a great 2020. He wrote these few lines in order to draw our conclusions about 2019 and set our new objectives for 2020. Here you can read his heartfelt lines. People often ask me why I’m struggling so much for TaoDust. I’ve always answered with a […]

Blockchain History Part 2: Rise and Fall of the ICO

This is part 2 of our series on blockchain history. Read part 1 here. In the media about bitcoin one narrative has always been very prominent: the bubble. Indeed the cryptocurrency went mainstream, one of the biggest crashes happened in December 2013. The price went from 1,163 USD to 152 USD. A loss of the 87%. […]

Blockchain History Part 1: Idea and Birth

We can find first traces of the idea of a blockchain back to the 90’s. In those years, Cyberpunks and libertarians were spreading the ideology of a free an anonymous internet. These two groups were both sceptical about the government authority. So their aim was not only to navigate anonymously, but also to send value […]

3 Things You Should Know About The Blockchain

The question that has been answered thousands of times and which answer still confuses everyone: What is a blockchain? The short answer: It’s a secure database. More specifically It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way, keeping you anonymous”. If you’re still […]

Visiting The Biggest Tech Conference: TaoDust at the Web summit

TaoDust is happy to announce its participation at the Web Summit 2019! Considering its importance, a big team will be present at the event. This will be to make connect with the most important entrepreneurs of the world. In fact, the Web Summit is “The best technology conference on the planet” according to Forbes and […]

TaoDust at the Wolves summit Warsaw

In the upcoming days the TaoDust team is flying to Lisbon for the Web Summit and to Warsaw in order to attend the most important crypto event in Russia: The Blockchain Life. In the last months we have travelled across the world : We went in Malta, London, Hong Kong, Russia. Now it is the […]

How to create a successful equity crowdfunding campaign

There are many variables to be aware of when launching a campaign. Today we are going over the most important points to consider: In order to accomplish this goal, we have to assure that the projects we have to be innovative, scalable and ready to undertake an equity crowdfunding campaign. In this article we will give […]

TaoDust visits Blockchain Life Moscow!

5 months have passed since the kickoff of our World Tour, starting in Malta at the Blockchain Summit. Ever since we made significant steps forward, especially at RISE Hong Kong, Asias biggest Tech Conference, where Herbert R. Sim, also know as “The Bitcoin Man”, signed a 1 million dollar contract with TaoDust. Now TaoDust CEO Alan Tonetti […]

Next Steps Take Blockchain Mainstream

In the 10 years existence of bitcoin, awareness has been on the low. One of its first mentions in mainstream media was the portrayal of a suspicious character who might be “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the popular TV show “Good Wife. In its few appearances bitcoin often was ridiculed, downplayed or labeled “illegal money” or “wild […]

What are the results of great teamwork? The TaoDust Experience

The TaoDust journey began six months ago. Since the first Summit in Malta, things evolved pretty fast; the TaoDust team grew, while more and more people became aware of a new era of asset tokenization. The team is working every day to build what we like to call Equity Crowdfunding 2.0 and create a liquid […]