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TaoDust visits Blockchain Life Moscow!

5 months have passed since the kickoff of our World Tour, starting in Malta at the Blockchain Summit. Ever since we made significant steps forward, especially at RISE Hong Kong, Asias biggest Tech Conference, where Herbert R. Sim, also know as “The Bitcoin Man”, signed a 1 million dollar contract with TaoDust. Now TaoDust CEO Alan Tonetti […]

Next Steps Take Blockchain Mainstream

In the 10 years existence of bitcoin, awareness has been on the low. One of its first mentions in mainstream media was the portrayal of a suspicious character who might be “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the popular TV show “Good Wife. In its few appearances bitcoin often was ridiculed, downplayed or labeled “illegal money” or “wild […]

What are the results of great teamwork? The TaoDust Experience

The TaoDust journey began six months ago. Since the first Summit in Malta, things evolved pretty fast; the TaoDust team grew, while more and more people became aware of a new era of asset tokenization. The team is working every day to build what we like to call Equity Crowdfunding 2.0 and create a liquid […]

Equity Crowdfunding Regulations by Countries

Investments into crowdfunding can breach various securities laws, because soliciting investments from the general public is often illegal, unless the opportunity has been filed with an appropriate security regulatory authority. These regulators have different ways of determining what is and what is not a security. Any crowdfunding arrangement in which investors are asked to contribute […]

TaoDust nominated for the Creative Innovation Awards 2019

“We are proud to be nominated for the Creative Innovation Award 2019. The Digital Innovation Awards in Malta are an important reward for a company like TaoDust and a team that is giving all it can to turn this vision into reality; achieving something that was against all odds only one year ago. We’d like […]

Crowdfunding Trends: Opportunities and new horizons

Crowdfunding has been born as a source to contribute to great ideas and humanitarian causes, but in recent years it has become an effective way to invest in early stage startups and generate great returns. These changes happen because of the creation of the regulatory frameworks. Or, as in this case, due to the release […]

The 4 Types of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not only a way to finance your company, but it is also a method to raise money for humanitarian purposes, give a discounts for a particular product or ask for liquid money in exchange for interest. Let’s dive in to the purposes, the pros and the cons of each type. 1. Donation Based Crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding in Numbers

Crowdfunding has quickly emerged as an extremely popular and profitable option for entrepreneurs to validate their ideas, gain exposure, and gain funding. Crowdfunding revenue tripled from $530 million in 2009 to $1.5 billion in 2011 and is expected to continue rapid growth in the coming four years. Crowdfunding boasts a 74% compounded annual growth rate. […]

The History of Crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding is something that has deep roots in human society, in fact it has existed since the 1700 where the Irish Nationalist Jonathan Swift found in crowdfunding the way to grant loans to poor, but creditworthy, people. The “crowd” in this case was a group of wealthier people who financed this operations […]