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Motivation, team spirit and willingness: our 2019

Alan Tonetti, our CEO, is glad to wish you a great 2020. He wrote these few lines in order to draw our conclusions about 2019 and set our new objectives for 2020.

Here you can read his heartfelt lines.

People often ask me why I’m struggling so much for TaoDust. I’ve always answered with a smile, because the answer is not “for money” as many might superficially think.

A great teacher, who is no longer here, taught me that money is only a consequence of a good work, but it cannot be the engine of your actions. If money was the real goal, it would lead everyone adrift. There are thousands of easier ways to make money. But I want to create something unique, innovative and, for some even, futuristic.

The real reason why this company was born and lives daily, in Malta as in Italy, in Russia as in Hong Kong, in Mongolia as in Portugal or in Norway; is to leave a mark in our society.

Anyone who has followed TaoDust in 2019 has seen how much we have travelled, how many hands we have tightened, how many times we have told about tokenization, both on the entrepreneur and investor side. We have proved that this process is no longer something futuristic, but it is happening in the present.

For some it’s all very clear, someone else may think that he has understood but he doesn’t really understand, someone still tries to put his head under the pillow in his room, so that the “evil man” called change will go away without frightening.

Whether we like it or not, changes come. If we try to embrace it, we discover that this “evil man” is not so evil. By contrast, we started out as a fragile little snowball on a mountain, we looked at things from above, and we saw them differently. Beyond those walls of modern civilization there was and there is so much space, we knew we had to go downstream to become bigger and knock down those walls.

We started walking, rolling down, getting stronger, getting bigger, more solid every day, more armoured, more prepared, more supported by people. The same people that today we can call partners, advisors, investors, friends. But not only that. Some people still turn around today, some try to copy us, others prefer the be envious instead of grateful.

While someone is opening his or her eyes, someone else is leaving their head under their pillow. Financial education is necessary to make a qualitative leap. Being financially educated is fundamental to succeed and to be open to new opportunities. TaoDust is one of these.

2019 represents the first page of what will be a long book. We have already signed two contracts for the tokenization of corporate assets in two continents. We are working to bring the most important players within this world. It is our target for 2020, so that it will open up to the masses downstream. In a new way, without walls or limits, more beautiful, faster and less expensive.

Futuristic? Present.

A special thanks goes to those who work on this project daily, who have dedicated a minute of their time to support us, who make us feel their presence with a gesture, a look or simply with a smile whenever we submit an update.

See you in the future. Pardon, in the present.


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