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TaoDust at the Wolves summit Warsaw

In the upcoming days the TaoDust team is flying to Lisbon for the Web Summit and to Warsaw in order to attend the most important crypto event in Russia: The Blockchain Life.

In the last months we have travelled across the world : We went in Malta, London, Hong Kong, Russia. Now it is the turn of Warsaw, but let’s dive into the event.

The Wolves Summit

“According to participants, the conference is the most effective multinational event focused on relevant networking in Europe”.

The summit aims to create a community of companies, startups and investors that want to develop global innovations.

Alan Tonetti talking about Tokenization at Wolves Summit

In fact, the philosophy of the event is based on the importance of connections and networking. Brainstorming and common interest are they key for great innovations.

Why the communities made at the Wolves summit are different from the others?

They have a detailed software which preschedule 1:1 meetings with people who fit your business profile, tags and preferences.

The same matching system will be the one that will also form the networking tables, in order to make more useful and effective the meeting of each participant.

What will TaoDust do?

TaoDust aims to tokenize the equities of companies that want to undertake an equity crowdfunding campaign, but we don’t want to stop right there.

We are looking towards a new horizon and innovations for alternative tokenization methods like real estate, art assets.

For these reasons TaoDust will be at this event to brainstorm and develop new features that will be define the equity crowdfunding 2.0 made for investors 2.0. We will meet investors, pitch our project and connect with companies who want to launch a new and secure tokenization.

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