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How to create a successful equity crowdfunding campaign

There are many variables to be aware of when launching a campaign. Today we are going over the most important points to consider:

In order to accomplish this goal, we have to assure that the projects we have to be innovative, scalable and ready to undertake an equity crowdfunding campaign.

In this article we will give several important advices to project creators and to those who want to become one.

Prepare yourself

Planning, planning and planning.

Going through an equity crowdfunding campaign is a process that begins a long time before the fund raising.

As any company does, you should first verify if your business will be appealing to the crowd. Do your share of market research. Talk to your network and potential customer what they think of the idea and encourage them to be brutally honest.

Therefore, you should enhance your communication and marketing, in order to be certain of the amount of work required.

It is also fundamental to decide in advance what your needs are: evaluating your investment target is a clue activity in the equity crowdfunding process.

You should immediately define your goals and how much you are willing to share with your investors.

In order to accomplish this goal, you should do (or get some help), a correct evaluation of your companies and expenses.

Moreover, you have to be sure that the due diligence, that the platform will execute, will be regular as they wish, both from the accounting and organizational point of view.

Create a crowd before you need it

Building a crowd is the most important step prior to going through with your campaign.

You should have an appealing story that can inspire investors with its uniqueness and enthusiasm for that determined target audience.

In this phase, your goal would be to transmit passion, energy and professionalism in order to involve as many investors as possible.

In fact, people bring people and having a good community that is willing to invest will help your project to gather further investors. Investors feel safer when they see others that are taking the same risk with enthusiasm.

Focus on your marketing channel and prove the effectiveness of your offer.

You can choose your nearest people in order to prove your idea and set a possible audience target and marketing strategy.

Then it is the time to act: you should choose your most appropriate marketing channels and communicate in the most effective way.

Be honest and clear with your audience, show you potentiality, the scalability of your business and provide relevant content in order to educate people before the start of your campaign.

On the other hand, you should be able to provide a well structured business plan that can really convince investors to believe to what you are saying and invest in your project.

Be prepared from the legal side

Legal compliance is often a long and tiring process.

You should assure that your company will be ready for a due diligence both from a legal institution and the platform which you are using for your campaign.

Often the best solution is to collaborate with third parties that will make the work for you.

Otherwise, you should be sure that your advisors and legals are skilled enough to prepare the necessary documents in order to undertake the process smoothly and to prevent your campaign from possible delays, so move in advance.

We wish you all the best

TaoDust really wish you can achieve your goal and we will make our best efforts in order to provide you a great experience, both from the project creator side and the investor side.

We have partners and advisors that may be useful for you and your business, so prepare yourself to participate in the new era of the equity crowdfunding.

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