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What are the results of great teamwork? The TaoDust Experience

The TaoDust journey began six months ago.

Since the first Summit in Malta, things evolved pretty fast; the TaoDust team grew, while more and more people became aware of a new era of asset tokenization.

The team is working every day to build what we like to call Equity Crowdfunding 2.0 and create a liquid market with no boundaries. It’s thanks to such a commitment that our team is growing from a bunch of selected colleagues, to a group of close friends.

We are living our startup phase as an adventure, enjoying the good moments and supporting each others during the bad ones. This kind of attitude, lead us to several awards.

Let’s recap our most important steps!

May 2019: Malta Blockchain Summit and the STO Battle

Malta is where everything started: we are based in Malta and our first goal was to make the crowd fall in love with us.

During this event we had the honour to talk with some of the most skilled investors in the crypto world and to participate in the STO Battle.

The STO Battle consisted in a 3 minutes pitch presentation of 15 companies.

The battle was a total success, we had great results after the presentation and in a few hours several VCs came to our booth in order to know us, our mission and our vision better.

In this event we had the first contact with Herbert R. Sim, also known as “The Bitcoin Man”.

July 2019: We made history at the RISE event in Hong Kong

The requirement to be present at the RISE Hong Kong, one of the most important tech events in Asia, was to be selected among the best 100 fintech companies over 51.000 candidates.

TaoDust did not only fulfilled this requirement but made its way through the history of this event.

How did we achieve that?

Our equity crowdfunding project has been the first in the alpha program to be funded with 1.000.000 (one million) dollars by Herbert R. Sim, “The Bitcoin man”.

Our mission and our vision impressed the RISE crowd so much that one of the most influencing Crypto experts in China not only decided to invest in us, but also to become our advisor.

(You can find out more about the Bitcoin Man here)

August 2019: Spreading tokenization among the whole Asia, we made it to Russia

After the success at the Hong Kong event, our CEO, Alan Tonetti, undertook a long journey in Russia.

He went to Moscow, Siberia and Saint Petersburg, where he spoke at two different conferences.

Alan has found potential partners, especially in the fintech sector. Russian institutions realized how assets tokenization will be disruptive in the future and the potentiality of the conjunction of blockchain and equity crowdfunding.

It is not a coincidence that Alan will return to Mongolia by the end of October, in order to enhance our relationships and partnerships.

October 2019: Delta Summit

Malta is one of the hubs of the Crypto World, hosting important events such as the Delta Summit and the Malta Blockchain Summit.

Delta is the leading digital innovation conference in Malta and we had the honour to be nominated and shortlisted for the Innovative Creative Award.

This award is for companies that aim to spark a revolution in their specific niche, by joining different features from different technical areas.

This is actually our case, since we are combining equity crowdfunding with the blockchain technology in order to create the Equity Crowdfunding 2.0.

Wolves summit

The wolves summit takes place in Warsaw and it is one of the most important tech conventions in Europe.

A whole article on this summit will be out soon.

Among a great number of candidates, TaoDust was selected to pitch in front of a crowd of investors, digital entrepreneurs and leading industrial managers.

Malta Blockchain Summit, winter edition

Exactly where it all started, our CEO Alan Tonetti has been asked to be a speaker at this event.

This is a small success for the whole team, it’s a sign that people are getting closer to our project as well as the crypto and fintech world; and it couldn’t make us prouder.

Last but not least, we have been nominated for the “Asset tokenization of the year” award.

Since our goal is to tokenize not only equities but any kind of assets such as real estate and securities, the Summit has nominated us among the most innovative and disruptive projects in this field!

Make sure you join the TaoDust crowd. This is just the beginning, we can’t wait to have you on board and take our next steps together!

Keep up with the TaoDust experience!

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