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TaoDust nominated for the Creative Innovation Awards 2019

“We are proud to be nominated for the Creative Innovation Award 2019. The Digital Innovation Awards in Malta are an important reward for a company like TaoDust and a team that is giving all it can to turn this vision into reality; achieving something that was against all odds only one year ago. We’d like to thank the Delta Summit, as well as the country and the government of Malta for the opportunity they’ve given us. When two visionaries meet, something important can happen; but it’s when there are thousands of visionaries meeting, that a vision can become a reality”.

With these words, Alan Tonetti, CEO at TaoDust, commented on the nomination for the best Creative Innovation at the Digital Innovation Awards in Malta. Promoted by an initiative of the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri, and assigned during the Delta Summit, with the goal to give visibility and to reward all the companies and the individuals working in tech.

Through TaoDust, an Equity Crowdfunding Platform Powered by the Blockchain, anyone can gather funds from all around the world; reducing fees, with no geographical boundaries, and speeding up the investments.

The digitalization process on the blockchain allows anyone to take advantage of it, acting with freedom and clarity, without boundaries, and being able to step into a potential secondary market for traditional security tokens into the future.

The goal of TaoDust is to interact with the most innovative clients, able to look into a clear future with no barriers and to evolve from a project design phase into product development.

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