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Meet Our Investors: Herbert R. Sim, who has invested 1 million dollars in TaoDust

On 10 July, Herbert R. Sim, also known as “The Bitcoin Man”, signed a 1 million dollar contract with TaoDust, the platform that is transforming the equity crowdfunding ecosystem.

In this format we want to introduce you to the people involved in the project.

The Bitcoin Man

With more than 200k followers on Instagram and almost 300k likes on his Facebook page, Herbert Rafael Sim is a renowned figure in the crypto industry. But what made TaoDust collaborate with him as both advisor and investor? Lets dive into his background.

Herbert had his eyes on marketing and communication. In fact, he graduated in Liberal Studies with focus on mass communications at the Oklahoma City University in 2010. He continued his studies by completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Wolverhampton (UK) completed in 2017.

The graduation was the springboard for his marketing career: he covered important positions as manager in many Asian enterprises; while frequently working as contributor for Forbes in 2017 and 2018.

Projects He Has Been Involved With

Herbert is the founder of Crypto Chain University (CCU), the world’s first repository institute for blockchain and cryptocurrency research, established in February 2010. CCU is the first non-profit research-only institute, with the goal of making a repository of knowledge and education for Crypto and Blockchain, making this kind of expertise free for all.

Herbert is also the founder of a high fashion & luxury online magazine, Wardrobe Trends Fashion also known as WTF, the world’s largest repository of fashion labels’ campaigns and lookbooks focused on luxury and charity activities, founded in 2009.

He is currently a member of the board but, since its birth, Herbert has made the difference by concluding important partnerships and being a committed social media strategist.

His Current positions

Herbert is now the head of business development at Broctagon FinTech Group, a company that offers corporate consulting services for brokers and Fintech related businesses since the beginning of 2019.

Moreover, he is also investor and advisor at Israeli Blockchain Project — TEVEL, a location-based social media platform, integrated with Blockchain technology, which allows users to interact with the real world using services such as taxi ordering or even payments services among Tevel users.

Not only a businessperson, but also a committed activist for poor children

Herbert cares about children living in poverty, he believes that each child has the right to chase his dreams and make his best in order to achieve great goals.

For this reason, he collaborated as media partner with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organization devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world.

He is in involved in projects like the ‘Supanimit Youth Leadership Empowerment’ (SYLE), directed by World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT). It instills the spirit of volunteerism in youth through a range of activities related to child protection, education, health and nutrition, social and development work, academic and leadership, sports, recreation and public relations. Its next goal is to establish the ‘Supanimit Youth Council’ by recruiting its network of youth in Bangkok other regions to drive forth the work under WVFT’s name.

Leading hobbies to a next level

Moreover, The Bitcoin Man is passionate about music, in particular to piano and guitar, and visual art, drawing portraits of famous individuals; but it is not all.

He was involved in film production; in fact, he has been listed as Executive Producer on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for a number of films, such as Memoirs of a Robot Blood in 2019 or Red Christmas in 2014.

So why invest in TaoDust?

“TaoDust stood out to me the most among the hundreds of startups present at the conferenceIt showcased a revolutionary technology and idea, along with a great team and proprietary technology, that will penetrate across the industries”, Sim announced after the signing with TaoDust, “and I am very happy to be part of this venture.”

TaoDust aims to revolutionize the world of equity crowdfunding. The TaoDust team is eager to achieve this goal and is working from so much time with great results, such as the success of the pitch presented at the Malta Blockchain Summit.

As you read in the precedent lines, he has cross-disciplinary knowledge and an open mind that will help the TaoDust team to achieve their ambitious goal.

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