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1M Dollars contract signed at the Rise Hong Kong Conference: The Bitcoin Man invests in TaoDust

Hong Kong 10/07/2019. Today, Herbert R. Sim, founder of Crypto Chain University also known as “The Bitcoin Man”, signed a deal to invest 1 million dollars in TaoDust, the platform that is transforming the equity crowdfunding ecosystem.

This is the first time ever that an early stage company secures a major investment deal directly at the tech conference. “TaoDust stood out to me the most among the hundreds of startups present at the conferenceIt showcased a revolutionary technology and idea, along with a great team and proprietary technology, that will penetrate across the industries”, Sim announced after the signing, “and I am very happy to be part of this venture.”

TaoDust is a Malta based blockchain startup aiming to disrupt the traditional investment process by allowing everyone to easily and borderless buy, sell and trade assets. They are replacing a stock exchange with software that issues equity tokens with self-governed operational bylaws. This bridges the current gap between individuals that want to invest and start-ups.

Rise Conference

TaoDust was selected among 51,000 applicants as one of the 100 alpha companies to exhibit at the RiseConf and showcased their MVP on Tuesday 8th to more than 16.000 visitors on the first day.

“We’re proud and happy for this signature. It means a lot to us: it’s been an intense journey and now this a major step forward” said Alan Tonetti, CEO and Founder of TaoDust “We can now focus on the launch and develop a TaoDust secondary market”.

The equity crowdfunding is a trending market as the World Bank estimates that global crowdfunding will reach $90 billion by 2020.

Herbert Rafael Sim (沈峻霆), is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, digital illustrator and writer. Many within the blockchain industry knows him by Herbert wears a few hats, he is the Head of Business Development at Broctagon FinTech Group, the founder of Crypto Chain University (CCU), the world’s first repository institute for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency research; Investor & Advisor at — location-based social media platform. For more

TaoDust The first tokenized startup platform Using the power of blockchain TaoDust replaces donations or pre-sales with a simple platform to offer tokenized equity in the company itself.

Alan Tonetti, is the CEO & FOUNDER of TaoDust. He is a digital marketing-, and communication manager turned entrepreneur. He worked with international companies like Samsung at Rio 2016 Olympics, BancaMediolanum, Charitystars and many others. Alan is passionate about blockchain, a speaker at crypto conferences around Europe, and advisor.

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