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Prepare your luggage, we go to the Hong Kong RISE!

The curtain comes up, RISE Hong Kong, the most important technology event in the most important business city in Asia.

Why the TaoDust Team is going there?

TaoDust has been selected among the top fintech start-ups on a total of about 51.000 new born companies. It is a great honor, but it’s not enough, we want to give our best and make fall in love the audience just as in Malta ( for reading our experience at Malta Blockchain Summit click here).

The event: RISE!

RISE is the largest tech, business, and startup conference in Asia.

The conference hosts leaders from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups in order to meet and share their stories. Therefore, the event is an important hub for investors, journalists and external attendees.

Here there are some numbers:

· Roughly 700+ journalists from major global media outlets

· Roughly 350+ speakers, including the CEOs of global company such as Uber and Lenovo

· Roughly 35.000 attendees from more than 100 countries

The aim is to gather the brightest minds in tech together in one place, in order to connect companies to several important figures such as engineers, developers and investors.

Of course, this is a critical moment; there is the opportunity not only to grow through networking, but also to be on an important stage thanks to international journalist from BBC, Forbes and the Economist.

What will the TaoDust team do?

TaoDust was selected for the Alpha program, which allows start-ups to meet potential investors, vendors, and end-users during the 3-day conference.

We will have the opportunity to participate to the meet up tables where both the representatives of start-ups and the CEOs of affirmed companies will discuss about business strategy and marketing through the analysis of case studies.

Our first aim is to take the maximum advantage from these types of events, in fact we will keep in touch with the others CEOs specially after the conference, in order to exchange the most valuable ideas and resources.

Moreover, we will expose our project during the second day of the conference, on July 9th. We hope to make people fall in love with our project just like we did at the Malta Blockchain Summit (see the video here).

At the start of the events, these are the words of Alan Tonetti, our CEO:

“We are proud and enthusiastic to take part in a world-class event such as the RISE in Hong Kong. It is the recognition of the good that TaoDust has done so far, but also a starting point towards fintech horizons without borders or barriers. Working to achieve your dreams is the first lesson that we want to bring in-person to all the startups that will appear on our platform. Asset tokenization is already a reality.”

Alan Tonetti, CEO and Founder of TaoDust.


Our goal is to continuously evolve and improve and this event will surely be a springboard for our start up.

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